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i can fly higher~

Called Romina.Yna.Squishie.Baby.Bheb.Mommy R/Ommah R.Grapie. & Mina. A very proud Filipina but not very tall ;D LOL. Loved by many and loves many <3 ADORES her friends [[= Fangirls more than you! XD Single xp ♥ Supports LOVE! Believes in God but has her own mind. Follows her heart and not her mind. Will hear her say "whattapoop" "aish" "aiyoo" a lot. Sleeps with at least 7 or 8 pillows. -I just had to mention that.-

sin of loving you a lot~

Feb o8;Addiction for BIG BANG starts. July o8;Admiration for SuJu resurfaces. Oct o8;Love for FT Island found ♥ (: 2009; 2NE1 will dominate. First KPop groups I liked are DBSK+SuJu.However I was not THAT INTO Kpop yet. I just thought they were cool but now, I love them (: Don't remember what month my admiration for DBSK resurfaced :[ It's this year though (: SHINee.2PM.+U-Kiss are also too cool [[; Wonder Girls are lovely x3
My loves ♥ ; Park Jungsu. Lee Donghae [Super Junior]. Lee Jae Jin. Lee Hongki. [FT Island]. Choi Seung Hyun. Kwon Ji Yong. [Big Bang]. Kim Jaejoong. Shim Changmin. [DBSK]. Park Jae Beom. Nichkhun Horvejkul. [2PM]. Yoo Bin(girl crush ;D) [WG]. Girl Crushes; Lee Hyori. IU. Younha ( NOT the one from SNSD. ). Kim SoEun.

let me set up my world~

The OTPs that never fail to brighten my day are;TeukHae.JaeKi.HanChul.JaeTeuk.TeukChul.JaeMin.G-TOP.HanTeuk.HenHae. THEY ARE LOVE<3 They are my world (:

PROFILE LAYOUT // Okimiyage x3 // LINK // LINK